Your Plan

Posted by in Blog, Uncategorized on Dec 26, 2010

Having warmed up it’s important to have a plan. Be positive about what you want to achieve. Confusion breeds tension in you and your horse.

Remember schooling is just another form of exercise. Ride ten three loop serpentines on each rein. Canter ten circuits of the ménage. Ride ten walk to canter transitions on each rein. Why not? No one said schooling had to be tough.

Enjoy finding things easy. You can always try something harder next time. Overfacing yourself from the start always leads to trouble.

Never lose sight of the fact that your riding is meant to be fun.

Most riders spend hours schooling on their own. If you struggle to come up with ideas – or your horse has a specific problem and you’d like some great exercises to use that will help check out the booklets in The Shop. At 99p they’re affordable and they’ll give you something to do between lessons.

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