No Worries

Posted by in Blog, nervous, worried on Jan 2, 2011

Being nervous doesn’t make you a bad rider. It just means you have to take your time. You have an inner strength which keeps pushing you to follow your dream. Be proud of it and give yourself the time to gain confidence and enjoy your riding.  
If things scare you, it’s quite simple. Don’t do them!
As children we’re told “Get back on and do it again” but why? If you get bucked off every time you ask for canter in one particular corner the simple answer is, don’t ask for canter there again! The more you worry the more tense you and your horse will become. Avoiding situations isn’t cowardly. It’s intelligent and actually quite sensible.
If you don’t want to jump a five foot fence people will understand but tell them you don’t want to canter in the school or out on a ride they’ll look at you in disbelief. Let them. This is your horse and your hobby. Do what you want, when you want. You spend hours looking after your horse you should be enjoying the time you spend riding him.
Take things slowly.  Build your confidence. In a few months time you’ll be cantering round the school like every one else. And if not. Who cares? Your horse won’t think “We don’t canter because she’s scared”. He will if you keep putting yourself through it and falling off!

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