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Are you looking for something to do with your horse? In need of a few ideas? Here’s a selection that should keep you busy whatever your plans may be.
No school? No problem! Nothing is impossible if you want it enough. Check this out –
Whether you’re at a show or schooling at home your warm up sets the standard for the rest of your session.Check this out –
If the weather is against you or you’re just not in the mood for circles try this –
But don’t forget – if you’re out for a hack to enjoy yourself – let your horse do the same! Check this out –
Is your horse on box rest? Isn’t that just typical when you have time to ride?! Don’t waste time worrying about it. Put your feet up, grab a biscuit or two and try this –
Is your horse –
Don’t forget that your horse’s problems are often caused by you! Try this (your body) –
Fancy a go at lateral work? Try this easy exercise –
Want to know how to get your horse on the bit? Try this –
The main aim of schoolyourhorse is to give all riders ideas and inspiration. Hopefully there’s something on here for everyone but if you can’t find what you’re looking for there are at least another 50 waiting to be read. Key your problem in to the search box and see what comes up.
Good luck and enjoy your schooling!


  1. Jan 24, 2012

    My horse cam from ireland having only really hunted she really needs to develop over her neck and back and have been advised to do lots of long and low.i find that ok normally but she doesnt soften and come down that low.i have lunged her a lot in side reins and pessoa (not together obviously).any other advice other than perhaps draw reins

  2. Jan 25, 2012

    Hi – my advice would be to forget about the long and low and work to soften your horse through her back in other ways.It can be useful to work long and low but when you consider most of the problems we have with horses are down to them falling onto their shoulders, being too long and strung out or not working from behind it can lead to more trouble than it's worth.There are a few useful ideas here – that will get her stretching and using her back muscles while you ride her from behind to a contact.

    Maybe your horse feels unbalanced when she's asked to work longer or deeper. Concentrate on sitting up yourself and looking up. Try direct transitions from trot to halt and straight back to trot again to really sit her back on her hocks. This will help her to balance on her hocks and it will get her back muscles moving. This week's post looks at loosening up a horse's neck and why it might be setting in the first place – and here. The ideas here may well work for you –
    A steady rein contact is a must so you can contain energy you create from her hocks. Keep the contact firm between first finger and thumb but softer by opening and closing the other three fingers.
    I hope something here is helpful but do if it's not what you're looking for please come back and say! There are so many ways to school a horse it can be just as useful to talk through them. Usually something comes up in the end.


  3. Jan 25, 2012

    I apologise – the links aren't working today! Please key in 'soft in the back' to the search box and it will direct you there 🙂
    The other link is 'set in stone' which is this week's post.
    Sorry about that 🙂

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