Make Yours a Happy Christmas

Posted by in Blog on Dec 22, 2012



Who comes first at Christmas – your family or your horse? Would you even dare to say the answer out loud? As the holidays stretch out in front of you it may feel as if you have all the time in the world but with family and festive commitments time available for riding can be harder to find than you thought.


There’s nothing quite like being short of time to send your stress levels through the roof! What starts out as a good idea can rapidly end up being the worst decision you’ve ever made – and one that spoils the rest of your day. Despite thinking you have a whole morning to spend riding be realistic. Pick one of the following exercises to get you into the school – and out of it – with a smile on your face.



With 130 posts on the blog roll now there’s something to do with any type of horse – for any rider – and whatever your mood. Just try to remember one thing – it’s your hobby so whatever you do make sure you enjoy it.

Happy Christmas!


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