“My New Pony’s Last Owner Told Me He Hates Schooling. What Can I do?”

Posted by in Q & A on Jul 5, 2015

“I’ve just bought a new pony and his last owner said he hates schooling. When I tried him he seemed OK and since he’s been home he’s seemed happy enough in the school. Is it something I should worry about – I don’t want to spoil things but we seem to be getting on fine”
I’m a firm believer in the fact that ponies only get bored if their rider is! So many people used to tell me their horses hated schooling and yet mine never were! Actually it was the sole reason I started up my website because I wanted to give people things to do not just tell them how to.
Go ahead and enjoy yourself with this pony – he’s all yours afterall!  A fresh set of eyes and new pair of legs will probably be exactly what he needs and if you’re interested (which you will be because it’s always exciting on a new pony!) he will be too.
Just one word of caution! Be careful not to go school-crazy and spoil what should be a fun thing for you both. Try to do one session in the school to one session out and about. It will keep his mind busy – and it means you get a chance to plan your schooling sessions. Schooling doesn’t have to be dressage either so use poles or jumps to keep things different. 
I’ve done loads of posts on what to do so I’ll put some links below that should keep you busy.
Here’s a great one on schooling out on a hack which might be a good way of working on things without actually riding in a menage too. School”s Out
The main things you want to work on at first are – 
Good luck and enjoy your new pony – whatever you do with him!

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