I’m more nervous of my trainer than my horse!

Posted by in Q & A on Jan 31, 2016

My trainer is always shouting at me and telling me I’m too nervous when I ride my new horse. I’ve had a couple of falls that did knock my confidence a bit but I feel fine now. Actually I’m more nervous of her than I am of my horse! I’ve owned him for six months now and I still haven’t cantered in a lesson. What should I do?


It sounds to me as if you need a change of trainer. A fresh pair of eyes to look at you and your horse – and someone with a different attitude. Some people thrive on being bossed and bullied but I don’t think it helps anyone – especially your horse.

If I were you I’d concentrate on enjoying your horse for a few weeks, avoiding lessons with this trainer, get back the relationship you had with him and then book a lesson with a new trainer. If you can, find a trainer that someone reccomends – asking at your local tack shop is always a good idea as they hear everything! 

Cantering really should be next on your agenda – the sooner you get on and do it the better. The longer it gets put off the more of an issue it becomes. Even if nerves are or were a problem this relationship with your trainer is getting you nowhere. Any lesson should be enjoyable and you should be itching to have another one.

There’s a link to post about feeling nervous here that might be useful and a post that covers a lot about canter here that should give you something to work on!

Remember that this is your hobby – and it’s an expensive one at that – so it’s important that you and your horse enjoy yourselves. Best of luck.

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