Get Started 2 – Your Aids

Posted by in on Feb 22, 2012

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Introduction –

Your aids are your only way of telling your horse what you want him to do. His job is to respond to them quickly. Your job is to make them easy to understand. This booklet takes you through your aids one by one explaining how to use them and when not to.

Part 1 – You – your mood has a direct affect on your horse’s ability to learn

Part 2 – Your Hands – your rein contact is the most important aid you have

Part 3 – Your Body and Seat – can tell your horse more than you think

Part 4 – Your Legs – push your horse on but can also slow him down

Part 5 – Whips and Spurs – should help not hinder

Part 6 – Rising Trot – your diagonal is important but so is the way you rise

Part 7 – Canter Leads - can you tell what’s right or wrong - left or right?

Part 8 – Too Much Information – are you doing too much?

Part 9 – Problem Solving – find its source and you’ll solve your problem


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