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Introduction – A preliminary test is just a list of paces joined together with transitions. Anyone can do one – and on any horse. Your horse needs to move forward into a steady contact but he doesn't have to be on the bit. If you can walk, trot and canter then why not give it a go?

Learn Your Test – it’s a skill and one that will improve your confidence and your marks. Even if you plan to have it called make sure you try these top tips.

On the Day – knowing how to warm up, what to do while you’re waiting for the bell and what to do if things go wrong will all help to settle your nerves.

What to Practise

Your entry

A long diagonal

A 20m circle

Walk - ½ 10m circles in medium walk and a ½ 20m circle in free walk

A progressive transition from free walk to medium walk to trot between B and M - with a transition to canter between M and C

A change of rein across the diagonal in canter.

½ 10m circle EX in working trot.

G Halt. Immobility. Salute


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