Teach Yourself 2 – Canter Problems and Solutions

Posted by in on Nov 21, 2011

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Introduction - Canter causes more problems than any other pace – this booklet looks at some of the most obvious causes and how to avoid them

Exercise 1 – Your Transition

Most problems with canter can be avoided if you look hard at your transition. Most riders know the aids but do you use them correctly?

Exercise 2 – Quality not Quantity

Once your horse is in canter it’s important to keep him calm and balanced. This exercise works for all horses whatever their temperament

Exercise 3 – Straighten Up

If your transition is crooked it affects your canter. Make your life – and your horse’s – easier and straighter with this simple exercise

Exercise 4 – Get His Hocks in Gear

Canter isn’t about speed. It’s about energy. If your horse gets flatter or faster the further you canter this exercise is guaranteed to sit him back on his hocks

Exercise 5 – Changing the Rein

Put everything to the test and teach your horse to change the rein with a change of leg through trot. 


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