Teach Yourself 3 – Your Attention Please

Posted by in on Apr 11, 2012

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Do you often feel as if you’re the last thing on your horse’s mind? Getting his

attention – and keeping it – is the most important part of schooling. If he’s not

listening how will he ever hear what you have to say?

Exercise 1 – your horse’s job is to pay attention but your job is to make

schooling interesting enough to make him want to. These exercises will do just that.

Exercise 2 – 10m circles make your horse do twice as much work with half the

effort from you. When was the last time you used one?

Exercise 3 – are you trying too hard? Are you filling your horse’s head with too

much information? Less is more with these simple ideas.

Exercise 4 – there’s more to life than circles. Check out these various types of

serpentine to see how to brighten up your horse’s day.

Exercise 5 – If your horse is really listening he’ll need to work as hard mentally

as he does physically. Check out this exercise to see how to do both.


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